Kai Tak River design contents opens

Kai Tak River design contents opens

The Civil Engineering & Development Department today launched a design-ideas competition, inviting professionals and the public to contribute innovative concepts for the development of the Kai Tak River.

The Government wants to turn the river into an attractive green corridor, providing space for leisure and public activities. Head of the Civil Engineering & Development Department’s Kai Tak Office Ying Fun-fong said the river will be a landmark in the Kai Tak Development area.

An artists impression of the Kai Tak River

An artist’s impression of the Kai Tak River

The design area includes the open space along the kilometre-long Kai Tak River within the development area, the harbourfront promenade, and ideas on how to landscape and furnish the walkway and cycling subways. Entrants must register before September 22 and submit their entries before November 3.

The assessment criteria include creativity, feasibility, harmony with neighbourhood developments, and cost effectiveness. The winner of the professional group will get $400,000, while the winner of the open group will get $80,000.


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