Japan to bid for M’sia-S’pore HSR project

Malaysia, Slider 20 Feb 2017
Japan to bid for M’sia-S’pore HSR project

Japan is ready to join the race to bid for the Malaysia — Singapore High Speed Rail project.

Japanese ambassador to Malaysia Dr Makio Miyakawa said Japan is ready to propose the country’s best high speed rail technology, with financing and service to be part of the bidding process.

“We are happy to offer Malaysia and Singapore the technology and service we are using in the Shinkansen High Speed Rail.

“There are several merits and advantages that we can derive from Shinkansen as there were no fatal incidence throughout its 50 years of operation,” Miyagawa said during the launch of the Shinkansen exhibition today.

He added Shinkansen also has less occurence of service delay.

“The services provided by Shinkansen is reliable and efficient as the average delay time for it is merely one minute each year,” he explained.

Miyagawa also pointed out that they are willing to offer the best human resources development for Malaysia and Singapore.

“We are happy to train the experts as well as conduct technology transfer of the same system used in Shinkansen to both Malaysia and Singapore.

“However, we would not force or compel them to adopt as it is up to them to decide but we are ready to offer the best data, proposal and option,” Miyagawa said.

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