Interim report on rail link released

Interim report on rail link released

The Expert Adviser Team on the Shatin to Central Link project made 16 preliminary recommendations to the Government in their first interim report.

The team looks into matters concerning the project’s management and construction, and is comprised of three senior retired government officers.

Their preliminary recommendations were made after carrying out site visits, reviewing documents and meeting with the Mass Transit Railway Corporation and relevant government departments.

The report includes observations on the steel bar connection works at the Hung Hom Station Extension site and issues related to settlement at the Exhibition Centre Station and To Kwa Wan Station sites.

The Transport & Housing Bureau agreed with all the preliminary recommendations. Nine of the recommendations are related to the Hung Hom Station Extension works, four are on settlement issues, and the remaining three are about general project management.

On the recommendations regarding Hung Hom Station Extension, the MTR Corporation has agreed to formulate a holistic strategy to assess the acceptability of the built structures.

The corporation submitted a proposal to verify part of the East West Line platform slab to the Highways Department in October.

As the proposal failed to meet the requirements of the holistic assessment strategy, the Government has requested the corporation to submit a strategy conforming to the team’s recommendations by the end of this month.

Regarding settlement-related issues, the team’s recommendations were incorporated into the monitoring and announcement mechanism for the impact of the project’s works on nearby structures and public facilities.

The team will audit selected cases of the project to assess the effectiveness of the monitoring and control system.

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