Industrial building plan under study

Industrial building plan under study

The Development Bureau is studying whether to relaunch the industrial building revitalisation measures which ended last year.

Secretary for Development Michael Wong told the media today the bureau is considering the move after Chief Executive Carrie Lam discussed the improper use of old industrial buildings yesterday.

The review will take six to nine months.

He said the Buildings, Lands and Fire Services departments have enhanced enforcement action against the illegal use of industrial building units.

“We do need to make sure enforcement is carried out in an effective manner, but there is another side of the issue, which is providing the incentives concerned, sometimes through the operational and market mechanism, so as to make some of the problems actually go away in a more natural manner.”

Positive measures in addition to penalties are needed, he added.

Noting many cultural activities are taking place in industrial buildings, Mr Wong said his bureau will discuss with the Home Affairs Bureau measures to provide assistance to arts groups.

It will also liaise with the Fire Services Department to study relaxing restrictions on the use of lower floors of industrial buildings without compromising fire safety requirements.

On the issue of fragmented factory ownership, the bureau will review the policy which requires landlords to obtain at least 80% ownership of the entire building before applying for its sale or redevelopment.

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