Hung Hom station plan accepted

Hung Hom station plan accepted

The Government today accepted the proposed holistic assessment strategy submitted by the Mass Transit Railway Corporation regarding the platform slabs and diaphragm walls of the Hung Hom Station Extension under the Shatin to Central Link Project.

At a press conference, Director of Highways Jimmy Chan said the proposal will take a three-stage approach.

The first stage includes the review of design drawings amended and works records consolidated during construction.

The second stage is the physical investigation which will see the opening up and inspection of at least 80 locations on the connections between the platform slabs and the diaphragm walls.

A greater sampling size may be considered subject to investigation findings.

It will also review other irregularities suspected or discovered during the investigation, including honeycombed concrete at the East West Line slab soffit, incomplete infill of the gaps between the soffit and other structural elements, and suspected improper installation of shear links reinforcement.

In the third stage, the corporation will consolidate test results and other construction issues found in the first two stages.

It will conduct a detailed structural analysis on the Hung Hom Station Extension works to ascertain if the overall condition of the works is acceptable and identify remedial works required.

Mr Chan said: “We’ve considered that it is a scientific way to identify the problems and the scale of the problems, and the way to resolve the issues now we found in the Hung Hom Station Extension.

“We think that with this approach, we can assure the public that all the structures constructed by the MTR, with all the verification completed, can ensure public safety and that if the structures will comply with the requirements of the required standards.”

The corporation has largely completed the review of the records at the first stage of assessment and expects to start the second stage of opening up and examination of the platform slab on December 10.

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