Hung Hom Station checks to resume

Hung Hom Station checks to resume

The Government has accepted the Mass Transit Railway Corporation’s proposal for an enhanced test for the Shatin to Central Link Project. The opening-up investigation will resume tomorrow.

The Highways Department said the opening-up investigation in the second stage of the holistic assessment strategy relating to the platform slabs and diaphragm walls of the Hung Hom Station Extension started in last December.

The department noted that up to late January, a large deviation was observed between the embedded length of the threaded steel bar inside the coupler measured using Phased Array Ultrasonic Test and the direct measurement after cutting the rebar with the coupler connected.

At the Government’s request, the corporation probed into the incident and improved the Phased Array Ultrasonic Test. The enhanced test was then validated.

The validation results showed that compared with the enhanced test results, all the direct measurements of the embedded length of the threaded steel bar inside the coupler fall within the 3mm’s allowable tolerance of test results.

The Government accepted the corporation’s proposal to continue with the enhanced Phased Array Ultrasonic Test in the second stage of investigation to minimise damage to the structure.

The deparment said the Government will closely monitor the investigation, adding on-site test results will be verified the next day and will be made available here.

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