Housing plan under study

Housing plan under study

The Government is studying the revised development proposal for a public housing site at San Hing Road, Tuen Mun.

It noted in a statement today in response to media enquiries, that five informal lobbying with local representatives on the original proposal, had taken place from May to August 2014.

On September 2, 2014, the Government consulted the Tuen Mun District Council on the proposal, which was not supported by the district council in the end.

Meanwhile, the Town Planning Board approved two planning applications for private housing developments within the site in October 2014 and March 2015.

The Government said it has been studying ways to adjust the plan to build public housing at the San Hing Road site and nearby areas, since the original proposal was rejected by the district council.

One of the ways is to construct public housing at the western portion of the original proposal together with another site adjacent to it, which can provide 1,700 flats.

For the rest of the sites in the original proposal, assuming that the two private residential projects in the original proposal are to go ahead, the Government may construct public housing with a higher plot ratio, providing 5,600 flats.

It stressed that the study has not yet been completed and there are a lot of variables that will affect the result. Therefore, the details of the proposals including the number of flats have yet to be determined.


Housing plan under study

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