Hong Kong Slope safety record remains stable

Hong Kong Slope safety record remains stable

Slope safety maintained

Hong Kong’s slope safety record remains stable with no landslide fatalities recorded in the last six years, the Civil Engineering & Development Department says. Briefing the media today on Hong Kong’s slope safety situation, Head of the Geotechnical Engineering Office Wong Hok-ning said most of the 200 landslides reported this year were minor.

Noting the department launched the Extended Landslip Preventive Measure Programme in 2010 to deal with landslide risk, he said Hong Kong’s stable slope safety is attributed to concerted efforts by the Government and the general public.

However, given Hong Kong’s climate and hilly terrain, Mr Wong said there is still a landslide risk posed by man-made slopes and from natural hillsides. He urged the public to stay vigilant and heed Government warnings and advice during severe rainstorms.

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