Hong Kong Gov’t to take over Eastern Harbour tunnel

Hong Kong Gov’t to take over Eastern Harbour tunnel

The Government will take over the Eastern Harbour Crossing when its franchise expires in August.

The Transport Advisory Committee was briefed on the plan at its meeting today.

It heard the takeover will bring no changes to the tunnel’s operation, noting that prevailing tolls and fee levels, as well as road traffic regulations, will not be affected.

The committee learned the Government is preparing an amendment bill to put the crossing under the legal framework for government tunnels and repeal existing legislation governing its operation as a Build-Operate-Transfer tunnel.

The Government will grant a management, operation and maintenance contract through open tender after the takeover, requiring the contractor to make a first-employment offer to most of its existing employees at present salary levels.

The committee was also informed that the minimum road widths of various road types have been reviewed and increased.

Measures such as erecting warning signs, imposing vehicle restrictions and providing passing places have also been implemented to enhance safety on narrow roads.

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