HK’s Transport chief inspects South Island Line

HK’s Transport chief inspects South Island Line

Secretary for Transport & Housing Prof Anthony Cheung recently visited the MTR’s South Island Line (East) Ocean Park Station, to see the construction works in progress.

He inspected the train platform and the station’s lobby.

Speaking to reporters afterwards, Prof Cheung said 90% of the construction works had been completed, and he expected the station to open by the end of 2016.

Prof Cheung believed the launch of the South Island Line will have a positive impact on Southern District residents, which can shorten the travel time to Admiralty from the 25 to 45 minutes it takes using the Aberdeen Tunnel now, to 11 minutes using the new rail line.

As the South Island Line and Shatin to Central Link start to provide services, Prof Cheung said the railway network will cover areas inhabited by 70% of the population.

Prof Cheung also said railway development can enhance the economy, improve road traffic and the environment. As more rail links are completed, the overall transportation network and the environment will be greatly improved.


HK’s Transport chief inspects South Island Line.

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