HK’s Chief Executive says land reclamation is unavoidable

HK’s Chief Executive says land reclamation is unavoidable

Chief Executive Carrie Lam today said reclamation is unavoidable when it comes to increasing land supply.

Speaking to reporters ahead of the Executive Council meeting, Mrs Lam said those awaiting public housing now need to wait 5.5 years and the Government needs to respond responsibly.

She said the Task Force on Land Supply has provided her with its preliminary observations which suggest that land supply must be addressed without delay, with a multi-pronged approach and that the city must prepare for rainy days.

To fulfil these three suggestions, the Chief Executive said reclamation is unavoidable.

Mrs Lam added she will wait for the task force’s full report to be submitted by the end of the year to consider the community’s views on the issue.

Consultations need to take place before any reclamation works can begin, she said, adding if the Government does not start planning now it will be hard to prepare for rainy days.

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