HK$92m Kowloon monorail study planned

HK$92m Kowloon monorail study planned

Government plans to carry out a HK$92-million feasibility study on building an elevated monorail system in Kowloon East.

The Development Bureau intends to submit a funding request to the Legislative Council late this year. It says the study will include the alignment of the monorail, and whether it can extend to areas as far as Yau Tong.

If approved, the study will start early next year for phased completion by 2017. If the plan is found to be feasible, the nine-kilometer elevated monorail system with 12 stations will be built at Kai Tak by 2023, at an estimated HK$12 billion.

“It was claimed that the tramway will be less costly, could be completed quicker and had a higher flexibility for line extension,” a spokesman for the bureau said. But “the limited road network within the highly built-up areas of Kwun Tong and Kowloon Bay would not be able to accommodate the tramway without having a significant impact on other road users.”

The current proposal would link Kowloon Bay, through the Kai Tak area and the former airport runway, to Kwun Tong.

A bureau spokesman said a ground-level tramway system is not considered feasible for the area because of a lack of space.

Tenders for the study will be invited in July and evaluations will end by December.

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