HK South Island Line expected to “open on time”

Projects, Slider 27 Mar 2015
HK South Island Line expected to “open on time”

The MTR South Island Line is expected to open on schedule late next year, project manager Wong Kin-wai said.

On-track testing will be carried out between Wong Chuk Hang and South Horizons stations from next month, and will continue for a year.

Wong said that by the end of February the overall project was 84 percent complete despite unpredictable geological situations at Lei Tung station.

“We spent more time on the foundation. Labor is in quite short supply. We are trying our best to catch up with the schedule. We’re confident that Lei Tung station will open in time,” he said.

The tunneling project at Admiralty was 70 percent complete and progress was satisfactory.

Wong said the project team is focusing on overcoming remaining challenges at Admiralty station.

The trains for the South Island Line do not have a driving compartment and are run by a Fully Automatic Operation system.

Imported from the mainland, the 10 trains have all arrived in Hong Kong.

MTR construction manager Cheng Wai-kin said there are two auto control systems on the train.

“When one system fails, the standby system will be activated immediately.”

The situation in the trains will be monitored by CCTV cameras.

Wong said each train may carry 900 passengers, with 300 in each compartment.

He said the cost of each compartment is HK$18 million, which is 10 to 20 percent higher than other trains.

But the ticket prices will not be affected by the cost.

Passengers will be able to see the views through the window in the front and back of the trains. The control panels at the front and back will be locked.

Wong said there is an emergency door at the front, which is locked when the train is moving.



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