HK sewage plant to move into caverns

HK sewage plant to move into caverns

The government wants Legislative Council approval for HK$30 billion to build Asia’s biggest cavern sewage treatment plant in Sha Tin.

Should the funds be granted, construction work will begin in 2019 at the earliest, reports Sing Tao Daily.

To create more space for housing, the government decided to relocate the Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Plant from Ma Liu Shui to a cavern in Nui Po Shan, in the same area.

The government is aiming to seek funding approval in the second quarter of next year.

The Drainage Services Department plans to move the sewage plant to the cavern in five stages, beginning in 2019. The project is expected to be completed in 11 years – by 2030.

Once the plant is moved to the cavern, it will be two million cubic meters, equal to 28,640 forty-foot containers, in size and will hold the record for the largest cavern sewage plant in Asia.

There will be five caverns, each of which will have sewage and sludge treatment facilities.

The width of each cavern will be slightly bigger than a basketball court.

It is expected that moving the treatment plant will release 28 hectares of land in 2030.

The proposed Ma Liu Shui reclamation plant, which will be next to the current sewage plant, will see 60 hectares of land reclaimed from 2026 to 2030.

With 88 hectares of land in total, the area is set to be used for housing and high-tech industry.

The feasibility study of relocating the Sha Tin plant started in 2013.

The building cost has increased by HK$5 billion from the estimated price of HK$25 billion in 2014.

Although the building cost is heavier than ground facilities, Director of Drainage Services Edwin Tong Ka- hung said it has long-term development potential.

He also said the sewage treatment plant needs to be modernized after being in use for 45 years.

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