HK Harbourfront tender awarded to Entertainment Corporation

HK Harbourfront tender awarded to Entertainment Corporation

The new short-term tenancy for the observation wheel site on the Central Harbourfront has been awarded to the Entertainment Corporation for three years.

The tender result was announced today on the Lands Department’s website.

In a statement tonight, the Development Bureau said the department will terminate the current tenancy.

The site will be handed to the new operator in September, who will announce its operational details soon.

The bureau said the Government is committed to making good use of harbourfront sites on a short-term basis while long-term developments are drawn up.

The wheel site’s current tenancy will expire in the second half of this year.

The bureau consulted the Harbourfront Commission and the Central & Western District Council in May and June last year, and gained their support to continue the current short-term use through an open tender.

The Lands Department rolled out the open tender for the new short-term tenancy in November. Two tenders were received when the exercise closed in December.

The Government assessed the tenders according to established procedures. The successful tenderer received the highest score in both rental and technical assessments.

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