HK Gov’t set to build 680 new flats

HK Gov’t set to build 680 new flats

The government is planning to build 680 new flats on a site next to the entrance of Lion’s Rock tunnel in a bid to markedly push up the supply of new flats.

A discussion paper from Kowloon City district council showed that the Planning Department has suggested to re-zoning a greenbelt site at Lung Cheung Road next to Lion’s Rock tunnel into a private residential site.

The site takes up an area of 1.13 hectare or 121,633 square feet and is currently a temporary work site of Water Supplies Department.

A plot ratio of 3.6 was recommended and the gross floor area of the site was estimated to be about 437,880 sq ft. The site can provide about 680 flats and each flat would be sized about 640 sq ft.

The suggestion to re-zone the site was submitted to Kowloon City district council for consultation and the topic will be discussed on Thursday.


HK Gov’t set to build 680 new flats

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