HDR to Design 1,400-Bed Hospital in Guilin, China

HDR to Design 1,400-Bed Hospital in Guilin, China

Guilin Medical School Affiliated Hospital has chosen HDR as the architect to design a new expansion to accommodate the excellent clinical care, teaching and research programs currently provided in the co-located medical school and hospital campus.

In southeast China, situated on the west bank of the Li River, the City of Guilin — “Forest of Sweet Osmanthus” — is brimming with osmanthus trees that produce a sweet fragrance throughout the area. The main design concept of the project, “Garden in Garden,” is inspired by Guilin’s natural landscape and culture. The new facility will provide information, education and inspiration through healing gardens, therapeutic landscapes and other landscape architecture to benefit body and soul.

With no room on the campus for expansion, the new 1,400-bed, two million-square-foot facility will be built across the Li River from the campus and will provide a new healing environment for many of the hospital’s advanced specialties, as well as general practice. Designed to meet the international standard of care, the new state-of-the-art building will impact generations to come.

“The new Guilin Medical School Affiliate Hospital is a tremendous opportunity for our team to impact healthcare in the People’s Republic of China,” said Hank Adams, AIA, ACHA, EDAC, global director of health at HDR. “Guilin’s population is growing and the surrounding area is one of China’s top international tourist destinations. This new hospital will establish a new standard of patient access and quality of care for the Guangxi Province.”

The building form and exterior design will be inspired by Guilin’s natural landscape as well. Osmanthus patterns throughout the facility will create a healing environment closely tied to the geographic area, and several courtyards, roof gardens and light wells will bolster the patient and staff experience.

“The new hospital is designed as a new futuristic model that promotes medical and wellness tourism in harmony with nature,” said Sangmin Lee, international design principal at HDR. “Here, a holistic health journey blends eastern and western medicine to define a new path toward total health.”

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