Gov’t says it will monitor third runway project

Gov’t says it will monitor third runway project

The Government has said it will actively monitor the Airport Authority’s launch of the third runway system,

overseeing both the environmental protection and financing aspects, Secretary of Transport & Housing Prof Anthony Cheung says. Speaking to the media, Prof Cheung noted that the Director of Environmental Protection had yesterday issued an environmental permit for the project.

The Government will ensure mitigation measures are carried out to minimise the project’s potential impact on the environment and marine ecology. The Government will also fully scrutinise the project’s financing plan which the authority will submit later, to ensure it will be in taxpayers’ best interests.

On the revised cost estimate for the Boundary Crossing Facilities project of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, Prof Cheung said the Government will soon submit to the Legislative Council Transport Panel full details of the proposed revision and the justification.

He noted that the $5 billion increase represents less than 20% of the original estimate which was approved in 2011, while construction labour costs and tender prices have increased by more than 20% since then.

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