Gov’t endorses land supply options

Gov’t endorses land supply options

The Government fully endorses the eight land supply options proposed by the Task Force on Land Supply to address land shortage in Hong Kong.

Secretary for Development Michael Wong today held a press conference on the Government’s response to the task force’s report, which was submitted in December last year on the overall land supply strategy and land supply options.

Mr Wong said after a thorough study and the approval of the Chief Executive in Council, the Government decided to fully endorse the eight land supply options proposed by the task force.

He said the Government will expedite the development of brownfield sites and tap into private agricultural land reserve in the New Territories.

On exploring alternative uses of sites under private recreational leases, the Government will reclaim 32 hectares of the Fanling Golf Course for housing.

Mr Wong said the Government will start a technical study in the second half of the year to assess the number of flats that can be built on the land and the infrastructure facilities required for the project.

It aims to finish the study by 2021, he said, adding construction may commence in 2024.

Mr Wong said: “That’s a balancing act and I hope the community can understand that.”

The Government will also commence a study on reclamation near Kau Yi Chau for the construction of an artificial island with a total area of about 1,000 hectares. It is estimated that 150,000 to 260,000 flats can be provided, of which more than 70% will be public housing.

It also endorsed other options suggested by the task force including near-shore reclamation outside Victoria Harbour, developing caverns and underground space, more new development areas in the New Territories and developing the River Trade Terminal site.

Mr Wong said the Government will not develop the fringes of country parks at the moment. The idea was not put forward by the task force and was not supported by the majority of the public.

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