Galaxy tower catches fire, 6,000 workers evacuated

Macau, Slider 09 Jan 2015
Galaxy tower catches fire, 6,000 workers evacuated

A Galaxy Macau building Cotai currently under construction caught fire in one of its attics yesterday. Over six thousand workers inside were evacuated. The fire broke out before 11 am on the top floor of the tower, according to a worker at the nearby Light Rail Transit construction site. “The fire was emitting thick black smoke for quite a while. When it was burning, we couldn’t see anyone on the building top from here,” said the worker, Mr Zhao.

About 6,000 construction workers and 150 subcontractors were inside the building at the time and were evacuated with the assistance of firefighters.

“All construction workers were safely evacuated with no injuries reported. GEG [Galaxy Entertainment Group] is working closely with the relevant parties for further investigation related to the fire,” stated the company afterwards.

The blaze was reportedly put out after five minutes while the fire tanker continued shooting water to reduce the heat. A signature golden decoration was badly damaged and part of the attic’s exterior wall was charred.

The building is part of the second phase of GEG’s expansion on the Cotai Strip. About 40 firefighters were deployed to fight the blaze. “The manager of the construction site told us that there was welding work ongoing on the top floor; we think that the kindling was induced by the welding,” said Chan Kuok Tong, chief of the Fire Services Bureau’s Taipa branch who was at the scene.

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