Fisherman’s Wharf planning to build convention and exhibition

Macau 17 Nov 2014
Fisherman’s Wharf planning to build convention and exhibition

Plans for the construction of a convention and exhibition center are in the pipeline according to chief executive officer of casino service firm Macau Legend Development Ltd David Chow Kam Fai.  The convention and exhibition center will cater to locals, in Fisherman’s Wharf a subsidiary of Macau Legend Development.

Speaking to the media on Saturday he said that they would strive to submit the convention and exhibition center’s blueprint to the government within the year.

He was quoted as saying

“I will hope that the government can, in collaboration with the Science Centre, have an independent convention and exhibition centre at that area for locals. There will not be any casinos [in the area]. [The convention and exhibition centre] will be an independent building instead of [being located] inside a hotel. Only through this can the atmosphere of the [convention and exhibition] industry be brought out,”.

Other items in the revitalization project include another two hotels, a dinosaur museum and an opera house. David Chow said that he also hopes to include more tourism elements in Fisherman’s Wharf, in order to attract more tourists. JPL

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