Expansion of airport terminal to start in Macau this year

Macau, Slider 23 Feb 2015
Expansion of airport terminal to start in Macau this year

The Macau International Airport Company (CAM) will launch construction on an expansion to the airport this year in order to cope with the increasing demand. The airport’s current total capacity is 6 million per year. CAM has previously announced that it will be expanding the terminal.

CAM deputy chief Vicki Mou stated,

“At a conservative estimation, we will finish the interior design, construction and the other works in 2016. Then [the expansion] can be put into use. We expect the expansion of the airport’s south and north to be completed in 2018. The total capacity by then will increase from 6 million to 9 or 10 million [per year],”

The deputy chief also suggested that the airport is expected to have more airlines and cater for more customers. “The capacity for planes hasn’t been saturated. There is still a lot of space.  We want to have planes running more frequently. We still have a lot of space.”
CAM also revealed that it is trying to allow an aircraft hangar for business jets, which is currently under construction so as to start operating in the first half of 2015.

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