Environmental impact of future Macau-Taipa passage to be analysed

Macau, Slider 01 Aug 2014
Environmental impact of future Macau-Taipa passage to be analysed

Consultation regarding the environmental impact on the ocean caused by the construction of the fourth Macau-Taipa passage and the underwater tunnel between the future reclamation areas Zone A and B was addressed yesterday by a public notice for consultation by the Infrastructure Development Office (GDI).

It is estimated that the passage, also an underwater tunnel, will measure around 3.05 kilometers in total, of which 2.2 kilometers will be constructed under the sea. The passage will begin on reclamation Zone A and will end in Zone E1. The tunnel between Zones A and B will measure approximately 3.25 kilometers in length and will also be connected to the Macau-Taipa passage.

The South China Sea Marine Engineering and Environment Institute and the China Offshore Environmental Services Ltd Tianjin have also been commissioned by the GDI., to conduct an evaluation of the environmental impact of the projects.

The public will be polled and the collected responses will be used to establish environmental protection procedures in order to mitigate the impact that the construction and the future operation of the passage and tunnel will have water quality and the eco-environment.

A report will ultimately be produced, containing both an analysis of public opinion and suggestions for the monitoring and mitigation of the projects’ environmental impact.The president of the Macau Institution of Engineers and the president of the Macau Ecological Society both believe however that the government has not provided sufficient information for the public to be able to give informed opinions. JPL

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