Embracing Green Infrastructure in Indonesia

Indonesia 25 Apr 2014
Embracing Green Infrastructure in Indonesia

Sustaining Indonesia’s Green Economy

We might have our common curiosity of what could contribute by infrastructure, one of the biggest requirements to fast-track Indonesia’s development.

Meeting adequate infrastructure is already an enormous task for Indonesia. Adding “green” content into the mix brings more work. However, the global push to be green now reaches almost every aspect of development, including green infrastructure. On a small scale green infrastructure can be seen as an approach to support sustainable communities that will provide multiple environmental benefits, including flood mitigation. The latter is something that all stakeholders in the development of Jakarta need to pay attention to.

There are many components of green infrastructure associated with water uncertainty, clean water, drainage, urban environment, spatial planning and other elements that may safeguard critical natural areas. Thinking about green infrastructure is thinking about how we, urban groups, may survive in cities such as Jakarta.

While in a larger essence, green infrastructure may lead us to an understanding about landscapes and other open spaces, management, planning and control that conserve ecosystem support services that provide benefits to the human population. On all scales, green infrastructure is always associated with cost-effectiveness for longer-term investment as well as beneficial land use. The concept emphasizes environmental sustainability, but unfortunately is often not well-adopted. As mentioned before, greening the infrastructure allied to additional elements is associated with expensive technologies.

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