DSSOPT receives 1,700 opinions on reclaimed area planning

Macau, Slider 07 Sep 2015
DSSOPT receives 1,700 opinions on reclaimed area planning

The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau received a total of 1,700 written opinions on the urban planning development scheme for newly reclaimed zones in the third phase of public consultation between June 30 and August 28.

Many were concerned if the high-rises to be allowed along the waterfront in the zone B would compromise the landscape in the rear, how the transport network in the densely populated zone A managed to serve the large population living there, and the overall design of the regions’ fourth passage.

The bureau also expressed opinions on land management, exploitation of underground space, environmental protection. Some also questioned how future swathes of land could work with existing land resources towards the goal of sustainable development.

During the consultation period, the government presented their blueprint to different organizations, with exhibitions at Tap Seac’s glass house and at the public service building in Hac Sa Wan.

New Macau Association had previously demanded an extension of the consultation, criticizing the government’s arrangement of the release of its appraisal on the environment and transportation, which was released to the public at the beginning of August. The pro-democracy group believed that one month was not enough for citizens to comprehend the details in the assessment.

Compared to the previous consultation – which consisted of five public hearings, six workshops and more than 20 sub-consultations – the government came under fire for hosting only three public hearings in the third phase, with an insufficiently detailed package.

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