DSAT begins feasibility work on fourth cross-sea passage

Macau, Slider 10 Apr 2015
DSAT begins feasibility work on fourth cross-sea passage

The Transport Bureau (DSAT) responded to a written enquiry, filed by lawmaker Chan Meng Kam at the end of January, demanding for the authorities to disclose details of the next stage in the construction of the city’s fourth cross-sea passage. The bureau stated that studies are being conducted in order to explore the feasibility of the project.

However, as such a construction project might involve comprehensive and large-scale works according to Wong Wan – who is still DSAT’s director, despite having filed his resignation last month – information will be disclosed later, when the bureau has collected sufficient data on the project.

In 2006, the government proposed an infrastructure plan for the city, connecting two new reclamation areas – one of them located on the Macau peninsula, and the other in Taipa – with a passage across the sea. During the nine years since that plan was disclosed, the authorities have endeavored to collect suggestions from the public, but have not announced any further details.

Earlier this year, Chan Meng Kam slammed the government for dragging on the construction project. According to his estimation, the entire project cost will have likely soared past the initial price forecast of MOP1.8 billion to more than MOP5 billion by the time the project officially commences.

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