Development Bureau implements measures to reduce risk of bid-rigging

Development Bureau implements measures to reduce risk of bid-rigging

The Housing Society and the Urban Renewal Authority have been implementing measures to ensure no abuse of the Operation Building Bright subsidy.

Responding to media enquiries today The Development Bureau gave the following remarks.

Executed by the two agencies, the scheme is a one-off special measure launched in 2009 to create more job opportunities for the construction sector and improve building safety.

The bureau said an independent consultant will be engaged in each participating building to evaluate the projected expense of the works required, enabling property owners to assess whether the received tenders are reasonably priced.

Upon completion of the repair work, the agencies and the independent consultant will inspect the building to ensure the maintenance is in compliance with approval and legal requirements before disbursement of the subsidy.

The subsidy amount will be calculated according to the number of maintenance items completed and the estimate made by the independent consultant.

To ensure government funding is put to the best use, the Government also requires the two agencies to separately engage an independent auditor to carry out an annual audit on the scheme’s account and submit an independent audit report to the bureau.

New tendering arrangements have been implemented since September 2013 to enhance the independence of the tendering process and reduce the risk of bid-rigging.


Development Bureau implement measures to reduce risk of bid-rigging

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