Country park development feasible says HK’s Chief Executive

Country park development feasible says HK’s Chief Executive

Society can discuss the possibility of building flats in some country parks with low ecological and landscape value, according to the Chief Executive CY Leung.

His statement ahead of an Executive Council meeting today follows think tank Our Hong Kong Foundation’s suggestion yesterday to increase land supply by releasing some areas of country parks for housing.

Mr Leung told reporters that he had raised the idea of building affordable flats in certain parts of country parks during past forums, adding that these flats could be sold without a land premium to a target group, such as young people.

He also noted the Government has been working hard to tackle the city’s housing problems and that the Housing Authority and Hong Kong Housing Society will be rolling out 3,700 subsidised flats in three months’ time.

The recent drop in both private housing prices and rents also reflect the results of the Government’s work, he added.

Mr Leung also noted that plans to build 14,400 public rental flats have been delayed because some local residents have filed judicial reviews.

He appealed to the community to show empathy for those who are living in poor conditions while waiting for public rental housing.


Country park development feasible says HK’s Chief Executive.

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