Construction of pebble-like office building in Taipei nearly complete

Construction of pebble-like office building in Taipei nearly complete

Taipei’s skyline is best known for Taipei 101—the world’s tallest green building—but another sculptural building will soon hold its own as the city’s latest icon of sustainability.

International architecture firm Aedas is nearing completion on Lè Architecture, a pebble-shaped office building wrapped in vertical green vegetation and designed to achieve LEED Gold certification.

The design of the 18 story building is inspired by a moss covered pebble, and has a facade covered in greenery split into vertical chunks.


At night, a mixture of various lighting effects and glazed windows aims to make Lè Architecture look like a gem.  The 14,000-sq-m project has an “urban living room” along with kitchens, libraries and “brainstorming spaces”.

“Pebbles that stay close to the riverbanks always have a green coat of mosses, giving the polished stones a unique texture,” write Aedas.


“The vertical green wall on the façade turns the building into a standing pebble. The journey of pebbles from the river to the sea signifies the beginning of a successful journey. Meanwhile, the building’s egg-like shape implies that it is an incubator of knowledge and a metaphor of intellectual revival.” Lè Architecture is slated for completion in 2017.


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