Construction of Pac On Ferry Terminal project completed by year end.

Macau, Slider 26 Jun 2014
Construction of Pac On Ferry Terminal project completed by year end.

construction of the long-delayed Pac On Ferry Terminal project in Taipa to be finally completed by the end of the year.

According to the Director of the Infrastructure Development Office (GDI) Chan Hon Kit.  He stated yesterday after attending a legislative committee meeting that construction of the long-delayed Pac On Ferry Terminal project located in Taipa will be completed by the years end.  The government had previously said earlier in the year that the project was to be completed by the middle of this year.

Construction of the pier first began in 2005, to alleviate the overcrowded facilities of the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, however in 2006 the government chose to make it a fully-fledged ferry terminal to deal with a large increase in the number of tourists arriving by sea. The result, was a major change to the previous design of the terminal which had to be expanded.

The terminal was originally slated to be completed in 2007, before the government decided the future terminal should take on a much more important role.  Due to those project changes a temporary terminal was built in Pac On in 2007.

The government said in late 2012 that construction would be completed by the middle of last year, but then the government admitted that there had been a delay and gave the new completion date as the end of that year. However, the Marine and Water Affairs Bureau (DSAMA) told reporters earlier this year that the GDI would be able to hand over some parts of the terminal to the DSAMA by the middle of this year.

Chan defended the latest delay “as being due to various factors”, blaming the contractor and the weather. “We’ll try our best…to push forward with the construction and demand the contractor finish the project as soon as possible”, he said.
Chan also said it would depend on the DSAMA when the terminal would finally start operating.

Prompted to answer who should take responsibility for the latest delay, Chan did not specify if and how the contractor would be penalised, just saying, “We’ll study [the matter] and then clarify [who will have to] be held responsible and deal with the matter according to the law”.

Asked if the contractor will be fined, Chan said that if responsibility for the delay was confirmed to lie with the contractor, the company would be fined according to the contract.

Chan also said that even though the project’s completion has been further delayed, the budget had not increased from last year’s figure of around 3.2 billion patacas. Initially, the terminal was budgeted to cost 583 million patacas.

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