Construction of Macau Peninsula LRT section to start in 2016

Macau, Slider 25 Jul 2014
Construction of Macau Peninsula LRT section to start in 2016

Macau Pennisula LRT section to start in 2016

Construction works on the Macau Pennisula LRT section are expected to start in 2016 According to GIT deputy chief, Andre Ritchie. The Northeastern section of the LRT, track is expected to occupy around 10 percent of the Areia Preta Park’s total surface area.

In order to better integrate the concrete viaduct into the park, GIT will use architectural measures to improve the appearance of the track, as well as increasing the greening of the concrete structure.

The consultation document which can be found on the GIT website also mentioned the possibility for improving the environment of the Areia Preta park during the LRT’s construction, if the Avenida 1 de Maio proposal is adopted.


Projected design for the proposal of the LRT track Areia Preta Park section.

The government is currently in the process of conducting a public consultation with regards to the three proposed routes for the Northeastern section. One of the choices, the Avenida 1 de Maio proposal, will see part of the LRT track constructed over the Areia Preta Park.

Some residents are concerned that the park’s usable surface area will be reduced, while others raised the issue of noise.The GIT deputy chief stressed that since the LRT train cars will use rubber tires, the noise generated should be less than that of buses and trains.

A number of LTR sections will also have noise barriers installed. Asked whether the whole LRT section could be sealed with noise barrier, an official from the Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) claimed that this would affect both the budget and the appearance of the track.

GIT has said that it will provide more information to the public over the consultation period, which will end on August 14. GIT has encouraged residents to further express their opinions regarding the LRT’s Northeastern section.



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