Construction I&T committee formed

Construction I&T committee formed

The Steering Committee on Construction Innovation & Technology Fund (CITF) has been established, the Government announced today.

It will advise the Government on the fund’s effective utilisation to upgrade the local construction industry’s performance.

The 2018-19 Budget has set aside $1 billion for establishing the fund to boost the capacities of enterprises and practitioners in the construction industry to adopt new technology, and support the industry to harness innovative technology.

Secretary for Development Michael Wong said Hong Kong’s construction industry is facing the challenges of a labour shortage and an ageing workforce.

“The newly established CITF seeks to promote wider adoption of innovative construction methods and technology to enhance productivity, construction quality, site safety and environmental performance through automation, industrialisation and digitisation,” he noted.

Mr Wong said it will also help drive the local construction industry’s transformation, enhancing its capability to meet the city’s continuous strong demand for construction services.

The committee will maintain close contact with industry stakeholders to ensure that the fund can effectively promote innovation, he added.

Its members are appointed by the Secretary for Development for two years from today.

Relevant bureaux and departments will be invited to attend meetings on a needs basis.

Click here for the membership list.

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