Construction of Barra Public Transport Interchange to go ahead soon

Macau, Slider 12 Sep 2014
Construction of Barra Public Transport Interchange to go ahead soon

Completion of the Public Open Tender for “Construction Works for Public Transport Interchange at Barra”.

Macau: The procedure for the tender opening for the 1st related project of LRT Macau “Construction Works for Public Transport Interchange at Barra” has been completed after it received 11 bids for the construction of the Public Transport Interchange (PTI) at Barra.

The Commission held a tender opening meeting for reviewing the document on 11 September. The tender prices range from HKD$ 1,186,271,844.66 to HKD $1,631,655,502.91

According to the head of GIT’s technical group, Wong Hoi Weng, the construction of the interchange would begin at the end of 2014 or early 2015 year.  The move will herald the beginning of construction for the LRT on Macau Peninsula.

The office will also try to kick off the bidding process for the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) Barra station by the end of 2014.

The PTI, which seeks to combine and connect several modes of transportation including the bus, taxi and LRT systems, will be located next to the Customs Service headquarter and the LRT Barra station.

The GIT is currently adjusting the design of the LRT Barra station according to Wong Hoi Weng. He said that the authorities would attempt to start the bidding process by the end of the year.

There are three stations in all, the Nam Van Lake, Sai Van Lake and Barra respectively, which are accessible via the main roads of Macau’s downtown area, Nam Van and Sai Van.

The PTI of Barra and Taipa will be connected to facilitate the commute, with The entire length of the LRT’s Nam Van and Sai Van sections being approximately 2.6 km.

The Barra station will become a vital transport node in Macau since the LRT phases one and two, as well as the planned Macau Peninsula circuit, will all go via Barra station.  Passengers will be able to easily take the LRT or transfer to public transport such as buses or taxis.

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