Committee for Architecture, Engineering and Urban Planning given the go ahead

Macau, Slider 10 Aug 2015
Committee for Architecture, Engineering and Urban Planning given the go ahead

ExCo gives the go ahead for Architecture, Engineering and Urban Planning committee.

The committee will be made up of 13 members, including a president, vice-president, and seven administrative representatives chosen from the public, while the remaining six will be selected from amongst private sector professionals.

The ExCo also stated that members of the committee will be required to possess recognized professional qualifications and have experience in architecture, engineering, or urban planning. The committee will hold four annual plenary meetings, while special meetings can also be scheduled upon request from the committee’s president.

The ExCo also gave the go ahead for another regulation, introducing a regime for professional qualifications in the fields of construction and urban planning.

The head of the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau’s Technical Support Division, Lei Hon Kei, said in a press conference on Friday that the number of construction and urban planning professionals registering each year will not be subject to any major changes once the new registration process comes into effect, according to a report by Radio Macau. He said that the number of professionals registering annually should remain between 100 and 200.

To register, candidates are required to hold a degree from a higher education institution, complete an internship and pass an admission exam. In addition, to register with the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT), candidates must hold a professional license issued by the Architecture, Engineering and Urban Planning Committee.

The existing 1,500 registered architects and engineers will need to update their professional certifications to ensure that they are in line with the new regulations.

The ExCo’s spokesperson, Leong Heng Teng, said that the new professional certification and registration system is due to come into force by the end of this year. CP

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