China State records new contract value of HK$34.1billion

China State records new contract value of HK$34.1billion

The Group recorded an accumulated new contract value of HK$34.81 billion in the six months ended 30 June 2014,

representing a Year-on-Year (“YoY”) growth of 13.7%, and hence achieved a 63.3% completion of the full year target of 2014 (which shall not be less than HK$55.00 billion). As of 30 June 2014, the on-hand contract value of the Company amounted to approximately HK$143.98 billion, among which the backlog was approximately HK$91.43 billion (representing a YoY growth of 19.1%), which meets the Group’s expected works in the next three years.

Major New Contracts Awarded

in June 2014 include: Widening of Fanling Highway–Tai Hang to Wo Hop Shek Interchange (the client of such project is Highways Department of HKSARGovernment and the attributable contract value of the Group is about HK$2.51 billion);Two new curtain wall projects of Far East Global Group Limited (“Far East Global”), which include Louis XIII hotel project in Macau. The attributable contract value is about HK$0.43 billion

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