Children’s Hospital to open in December

Children’s Hospital to open in December

The Hospital Authority says the first hospital dedicated to treating children will open on December 18.

The HK$13 billion Hong Kong Children’s Hospital in Kai Tak is to handle complex, serious and uncommon pediatric cases, RTHK reports.

But the hospital will only provide limited specialist outpatient services in the beginning, including renal and oncology clinics, before gradually introducing inpatient services next year.

The hospital’s chief executive, Lee Tsz-leung, said the 900 medical staff the hospital has hired so far will be able to cope with patients’ needs during the initial stage.

But he said the hospital has faced difficulties in getting all the medical equipment and facilities it needs, due to a shortage of staff in its procurement department.

“We have bought a lot of high-technology, expensive equipment. And for the tender process, we need the input of clinical experts and it takes time for the tenders to be awarded,” he said.

Lee added that he was confident, however, that all the facilities required, from high-tech medical devices to patient beds, would be in place by 2019.

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