Chief Executive receives rail inquiry interim report

Chief Executive receives rail inquiry interim report

The Shatin to Central Link inquiry commission today submitted an interim report to the Chief Executive.

The report covers the commission’s original terms of reference, which concerns the diaphragm wall and platform slab construction works at the Hung Hom Station Extension under the link, as well as related systemic issues.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam thanked commission Chairman and Commissioner Michael Hartmann and Commissioner Prof Peter Hansford for their dedicated efforts in conducting the inquiry, and preparing the interim report on the commission’s original inquiry scope in less than eight months.

“The Government attaches importance to safeguarding public safety and promoting assurance on works quality in taking forward our infrastructure projects. We will give careful consideration to the commission’s interim report.

“We also look forward to the early completion of the extended part of the commission’s inquiry.”

The Government will carefully study the interim report, and consult the Department of Justice on the manner of the report’s publication. It will publish the report in an appropriate manner once a decision is made.

The Commission of Inquiry into the Construction Works at and near the Hung Hom Station Extension under the Shatin to Central Link Project was appointed on July 10 last year.

On February 19, in the light of the irregularities that have recently surfaced concerning the construction works at the north and south approach tunnels and the Hung Hom Stabling Sidings, the Chief Executive in Council approved the expansion of the commission’s terms of reference to cover these works and related matters.

An extension of time for the commission to submit its report to the Chief Executive by August 30 was also approved.

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