Central-Wan Chai Bypass opening may face delay

Central-Wan Chai Bypass opening may face delay

The Highways Department says the Central-Wan Chai Bypass will not likely be ready in 2017 as scheduled.

In response to media enquiries today, the department said the project is large-scale and complex, so it has encountered several difficulties since construction started in 2009.

The discovery of a large metal object in the seabed near the former Wan Chai Ferry Pier caused suspension of reclamation and associated works in the area.

Works resumed in early July and the bypass tunnel can only be completed for handing over to the department’s contractor for subsequent works by mid-2017.

The department said it believes the works cannot be completed within the same year.

It said it is exploring the feasibility of expediting the works and will monitor progress with the aim of opening the link as early as possible.

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