Bullet trains could be coming to Shanghai Metro’s Line 19

Bullet trains could be coming to Shanghai Metro’s Line 19

Shanghai’s up-and-coming Metro Line 19 may feature a bullet train that would carry passengers from downtown Shanghai to Chongming Island, according to a source quoted in a Shanghai Daily report.

The new line was announced last year, but transportation authorities are still discussing plans as well as a time frame to begin construction.

Sun Zhang, an Institute of Rail Transit professor with Tongji University, told the Daily that the journey from the islands to downtown will take around 45 minutes. There is currently no subway line to the islands, and the drive from the city is about 90 minutes.

“For now, the CRH6 bullet train is at the top of our wish list,” said Sun. “Ordinary subway trains need traction substations every 2.5 kilometers, which is impossible for Line 19 since it will include either a long bridge or tunnel across the Yangtze River.”

Line 19 will take off from Rongqiao Road in Pudong, travel across Yangtze River and on to Hengsha and Chongming Islands.

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