Building policy under review Says HK’s Cheif Exec

Building policy under review Says HK’s Cheif Exec

The Government has convened an interdepartmental meeting to review Hong Kong’s building safety policies following the roof collapse at City University, Chief Executive CY Leung says.

Speaking before an Executive Council meeting today, Mr Leung said the Government is concerned about last week’s incident and the Buildings Department will continue its investigation, while the Education Bureau has asked the university to submit a report within two weeks.

Buildings and education officials together with those from the Architectural Services and Environmental Protection departments met to discuss the issue, he added.

Mr Leung noted buildings must comply with government safety requirements in their design, construction, use, maintenance and repair when greening work is carried out and that the relevant departments announce structural safety requirements to ensure these standards are upheld.

Ivan Ho an architect and member of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects stated that from all indications, the green rooftop that collapsed at the City University on Friday afternoon, can be described as an unauthorized building extension.

Mr Ho, said judging by media reports, the additions should not have been made without approval.
Ho said a structural work plan of the rooftop should have been submitted to the Buildings Department, adding that it was impossible for CityU to avoid taking responsibility as the owner of the structure.

But he said it was difficult for the department officials to run around and check every roof and that the public could help by alerting the department about any roof they think has a problem.

Building policy under review Says HK’s Cheif Exec

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