BMT bags Shatin-Central Link risk contract

BMT bags Shatin-Central Link risk contract
One of the future entrances to Ma Tau Wai Station on  the Shatin to Central Link (source: MTRC)

One of the future entrances to Ma Tau Wai Station on the Shatin to Central Link (source: MTRC)

Engineering consultant BMT Group has bagged a consultancy contract on the Shatin to Central Link railway project currently under construction by the railway operator MTRC (0066).

In a statement issued last month, BMT Asia Pacific, a subsidiary of BMT Group, said it would be providing “System Assurance and Risk Management” for main contractor Samsung-Hsin Chong Joint Venture on the Kowloon City section of the Shatin to Central Link.

It declined to answer questions from Construction Post regarding the consultancy fee and number of tenderers citing confidentiality.

BMT Asia Pacific’s work will consist of working for the joint venture and the MTRC to identify, document and manage all hazards and risks relating to the construction of the main contract works including safety issues.

“Risks can occur at any point in a system or project and it is essential that they are identified, assessed, monitored and effectively managed throughout the project lifecycle,” BMT Asia Pacific director Jacky Lam said in the statement.

The contract period for the work would be from the third quarter of 2012 to the defects liability period ending the second quarter of 2019.

BMT said it will deploy three staff to the project.

One construction cost consultant contacted by the Construction Post said the fee for a risk management project would depend on the number of workshops on risk management and what computer programs would be used such as the MonteCarlo simulation software.

“[I] suspect that overall the contract might be HK$2-3 million tops,” he said.

The Shatin to Central Link is a 17km railway linking Shatin in the New Territories to Central on Hong Kong Island and consists of two sections, Tai Wai to Hung Hom and Hung Hom to Admiralty.

Completion of the railway will take pressure off the existing East Rail in the New Territories and the urban Kwun Tong and Tsuen Wan lines as well as ease road traffic congestion.

The Samsung-Hsin Chong Joint Venture was awarded a contract worth HK$4.57 billion by the MTRC for the Ma Tau Wai and To Kwa Wan stations and tunnels worth in July last year.

The government owns 77 percent of the MTRC.

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