Black & Veatch bag Hong Kong International Airport expansion project

Black & Veatch bag Hong Kong International Airport expansion project

Black & Veatch has won a water management role in the expansion of Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) that incorporates business sustainability best practices.

The Black & Veatch team will design the hydraulic and water treatment systems for the new Three-runway System (3RS) to be completed by 2024. The HKIA expansion will meet future air traffic growth and maintain its competitiveness as an international aviation hub while improving the facilities’ operational resilience.

“Black & Veatch’s sustainable solution is designed to meet both current and future water demands while withstanding impacts of climate change due to rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions,” said Stephanus Shou, Project Director, Black & Veatch in Hong Kong. “In addition, innovations such as smart systems and intelligent pump controls will minimize energy use and help HKIA achieve its ‘World’s Greenest Airport’ initiative.”

Black & Veatch’s design will save on future costs, reduce demand for potable water supply and increase the lifespan of the infrastructure. The design will also incorporate smart network systems and asset management principles that will enable short and long term decision making that optimises water resources as well as operational and capital costs.

  • The sewerage system will be protected against severe corrosive attacks given its coastal location and potentially septic environment through a composite of physical, chemical and biological solutions.
  • An advanced grey water system will first collect then recycle grey water along with other treated water for reuse. The treated grey water will be reused for irrigation. This will reduce demand for potable water for irrigation and reduce the loading to the sewerage system.
  • Compact technologies will be used to limit the footprint required for sewage treatment without sacrificing treatment efficiency.
  • Seawater will also be used as an alternative source to cool water for air conditioning and flushing purposes, further reducing demand for potable water.
  • A smart drinking water supply system will provide real-time monitoring, automatic supply control, intelligent data analysis and a decision-making tool to take cost-effective actions.


Black & Veatch’s first projects in Hong Kong date back more than 85 years.  Since 2005, Black & Veatch has been working with the Water Supplies Department of Hong Kong SAR on continuous monitoring and pressure management assignments for 15 of the 17 major supply zones.


Black & Veatch bag Hong Kong International Airport expansion project


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