Atkins wins consultancy contract for Tuen Mun and So Kwun Wat cycle track

Atkins wins consultancy contract for Tuen Mun and So Kwun Wat cycle track

Atkins has won the consultancy contract from Hong Kong’s Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) to undertake the design and construction of the cycle track between Tuen Mun and So Kwun Wat.

The track, which connects many leisure attractions along the southwest coast of the New Territories, forms the key backbone of the comprehensive cycle track network in the New Territories.

Provision of cycle tracks forms one of the key elements for new town planning and development in Hong Kong, which aims to improve the quality of living for the community in Hong Kong. The cycle tracks have become attractions for the public for leisure and recreational purposes.

Tony Chik, Atkins’ project director said: “We are privileged to undertake this prestigious project with huge social and environmental benefit. Upon completion, the cycle track will provide a sustainable and healthy alternative for the public to visit the popular scenic spots and leisure destinations, such as Gold Coast Beach, Castle Peak Beach and Sam Shing Street, which is famous for its fresh seafood market and the seafood restaurants nearby. We have a number of key considerations for our design, including harmony with the neighbourhood and existing attractions, enhancing the public realm through architecture and landscaping, community acceptance, and of course the safety of cyclists when they ride on the track. ”

The scope of the multi-disciplinary project comprises of construction of a new cycle track of about 4.5km long from Tuen Hing Road at Tuen Mun to So Kwun Wat Road near Gold Coast; and a 500m long branch from Castle Peak Bay Bus Terminus to Hoi Wah Road. Provision of supporting facilities including an entry/exit hub at Hoi Wah Road and two resting stations at Tuen Hing Road and So Kwun Wat Road respectively, as well as the associated landscape, traffic aids and other ancillary works are also included.

Atkins’ services include civil, highway structures, traffic, geotechnical, environmental, electrical and mechanical, architectural, landscaping, cost estimation, public consultation, Building Information Modelling (BIM), contract management and site supervision.

Construction is scheduled to commence in 2019 for completion in 2022.


Photo Caption: The planned cycle track will provide Hong Kong community with a new way to reach the Golden beach.



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