Atkins reveales design for Cadre International TOD Center in Guangzhou.

Projects, Slider 28 Nov 2014
Atkins reveales design for Cadre International TOD Center in Guangzhou.

Atkins has revealed the design for Cadre International TOD Center in Guangzhou. The mixed-use development has been designed based on Transit Oriented Development (TOD) principles and will be the first fully integrated TOD project in China, keeping Atkins at the forefront of this emerging trend to integrate urban environment and transport systems to create a more liveable environment, promoting the increasing emphasis of quality of urbanisation from the Central government.

Ian Milne, Atkins’ senior design director, said: “Cadre International TOD Center is a truly transformational project which evolves a sustainable model of high density mixed-use development that we at Atkins have always promoted. In urban and transport integration terms, it brings together places for people to work and live with East Guangzhou’s important transport hub. The integration provides enhanced convenience for visitors to Cadre International TOD Center, interchanging passengers and people working or living nearby. We fully recognise and embrace the social, environmental and economic importance of connectivity to creating an urban development that is Future Proofing. We are proud to be at the forefront together with the project owner Shenzhen Cadre Group, and help the project owner support the Central government’s vision for quality urbanisation and to benefit the local communities through our expertise.”

The development hosts 250,000sqm of commercial property, integrated with a transportation hub, including an underground high-capacity metro interchange station, an elevated intercity railway station, and bus and taxi interchange located at ground level. These three transportation facilities are interconnected via a shopping mall which can be accessed directly from the railway station concourses. Approximately 450,000 trips are generated daily which have significant impact in increasing footfall.

The value for the commercial property can be increased up to 30%. The shopping mall, which consists of six levels above ground and two levels below ground, provides an array of entertainment facilities including a multiplex cinema, a food court, and a large public roof garden surrounded by cafes and restaurants. Large areas of public space, including a civic plaza and a green garden, are provided outside the development to ensure this landmark project benefits the surroundings.

The two tall towers provide a dramatic and iconic visual impact for the development from afar. Standing at 260m and 182m, the towers will be home to a five-star hotel, grade-A office space and SOHO residential apartments. Integrating mixed-use projects with transportation facilities, TOD is emerging as an important new building type in both China and southeast Asia. Cadre International TOD Center is anticipated to open in 2018.

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