Anhui budgets 1.5 billion RMB to construct a Chinese Mount Olympus

Anhui budgets 1.5 billion RMB to construct a Chinese Mount Olympus

Despite Anhui’s status as one of the poorest provinces of China, the provincial government is investing 1.5 billion RMB in the construction of a “District Cultural Plaza” complete with 72-meter-tall statues. The ancient Greek-style figures will be based on Chinese mythological characters, including “Youchaoshi” the god of construction.

According to an official from the Culture Research Center, the plaza will be located within 387 acres of a mountain reserve in the western suburbs of Chaohu city. The treacherous mountain area is said to have cliff faces with 100 meter drops, so safety should be the first priority for construction workers on site.


By total coincidence, the name of the mighty construction god Youchaoshi is also the name of the construction company that happens to be building the plaza. The god, who furrowed little holes in large trees for people to live inside, is said to have aided the beginning of human civilization. As large trees became fewer and fewer whilst the human population grew, the god is supposed to have fashioned the first house in the form of a bird’s nest.


The Sui people, one of China’s 56 ethnic groups, are said to have been housed by the “Nest culture” of Youchaoshi. According to mythology, the time of Youchaoshi was also the era of the three legendary rulers Fu Xi, Shen Nong and Huang Di, and the five emperors.

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