Macau: Residents urged to sue building contractors

Macau 11 Apr 2014
Macau: Residents urged to sue building contractors

Angry Sin Fong owners camp again after gov’t report

Yesterday evening, Sin Fong Garden residents were incensed by the newly-released report advising them to sue building constructors, and decided to occupy the street facing the building, as they did last month. Some of the owners also decided to enter the building, breaking the fences at the entrance of the building. They stated that the government is acknowledging that the building is not in risk of collapsing, and it would be safe for them to return and live there. The report on the responsibility of the Sin Fong issue was released yesterday afternoon during a press conference at the government headquarters. Government officials were scheduled to meet Sin Fong residents in the evening and brief them on the report. However, some residents were carrying tents and caused an uproar when officials arrived.

Government representatives were forced to announce that the meeting could not continue because the owners were agitated. After breaking the protective fences, some Sin Fong residents had a heated debate with police officers: “The government said the building is not dangerous, why don’t they let us get in?” Others were setting up tents on the street. “Let’s go back and sleep on the street!” they shouted. The government revealed the second report on Sin Fong Garden yesterday. The much-anticipated report reads that substandard pillars of the building are main cause of the accident. The developer, Ho Chun Kei, and the supervising engineers are liable for the deficiency. Read More

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