Airport Authority plans shopping complex at golf course

Airport Authority plans shopping complex at golf course

Danny Chung

The Airport Authority Hong Kong is looking to redevelop its golf course in order to allow expansion of its SkyCity development at Hong Kong International Airport to cash in on the expected influx of mainlanders after the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is completed.

Quoting government sources, local newspaper the Sun reported last Friday that as the SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course was at a spot next to SkyCity and the proposed Hong Kong Link Road for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, it would an ideal location to build a shopping and entertainment complex.

However with tens of thousands of vehicles arriving from the mainland and Macau it would be difficult to accommodate all the vehicles in the urban areas of Hong Kong, in addition to the physical wear and tear on the roads and air pollution problems.

According to a projected traffic forecast in a paper by the Transport and Housing Bureau to the Legislative Council in May 2008, in 2016, the expected traffic volume would by up to 14,000 vehicles per day.

By 2035, the volume could increase to 49,200 vehicles per day.

As such the solution would be to have a shopping and entertainment complex with a large carpark at the golf course spot so visitors from the mainland and Macau need not drive further into the urban areas.

Responding to enquiries by Construction Post, a spokesperson for the Airport Authority said the AA was committed to ensuring the limited land available was fully utilized.

She added that the AA was currently developing the associated design details for facilities required under a three-runway system with the development strategy of the North Commercial District also included.

“To enhance the overall value of HKIA and its surrounding areas, the AA will take into account the operational needs and the market factors of commercial development when considering the relevant land use,” the spokesperson said.

The Nine Eagles Golf Course was completed in late 2006.

In August 2003, the Town Planning Board approved a planning application by the Airport Authority for an interim golf course with nine holes plus ancillary clubhouse facilities on a 11.7 ha site immediately south of Asia World Expo and west of SkyPlaza.

Planning permission for golf course use would expire on 15 August 2013.

According to Land Registry records, a sublease was signed in December 2004 between the Airport Authority and Airport Management Services for golf course use.

Rent was set initially at HK$200,000 per quarter for the first four years from the date of completion of the golf course and rising to HK$250,000 per quarter till lease expiry on 12 August 2013.

A turnover rent was also stipulated in the lease, set on a sliding scale of eight to 12 percent of gross revenue depending on the level of gross revenue recorded during a year.

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