A river will should run through it

Macau, Slider 17 Mar 2015
A river will should run through it

Delegates call for quicker implementation of ‘one river, two straits’ plan

Four members of Macau’s delegation to the National People’s Congress have jointly urged the related government departments to come up with plans for the construction of the “one river, two straits” economic zone, which is part of the Zhuhai government’s urban planning scheme, targeting waterfront regions between their city and Macau.

The scheme, proposed in 2005 by the mainland government, also seeks to revamp Wanzai, turning the area that faces the Inner Harbor into a more livable zone.

Four Macau delegates to the NPC, namely Chui Sai Peng, Lok Po, Io Hong Meng and Kou Hoi In, expressed their wish for early implementation of the project to ease enduring pressure on the Gongbei checkpoint, and to address the overcrowded central district of Zhuhai.

According to them, the urban planning project resonates with local residents’ growing demand for renovation of the Inner Harbor district. The regional cooperation may strengthen business interaction between the two sides, and the district itself could become an additional destination for travel and leisure activities.

The four delegates told Jornal do Cidadão that an up-to-date plan of the project was essential in further realizing the “Framework Agreement on Cooperation Between Guangdong and Macau,” which aims to improve and optimize the livelihood of people in the Pearl River Delta.

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