60m landmark structure to be built on HK Central Waterfront

60m landmark structure to be built on HK Central Waterfront

According to the development secretary Mr Paul Chan Mo-Po, A 60-meter “landmark” structure and two low-rise buildings will be built on a site near the new Central waterfront.

Chan also revealed in a recent blog post that the complex to rise when the Central-Wan Chai bypass is completed will be used for “exhibitions, retail, entertainment, cultural and community uses.” He said that most citizens enjoy spending time along Central’s waterfront promenade, taking as an indicator the more than 500,000 people who had visited AIA’s Great European Carnival in the area by late last month.

In the long-term, Chan added, several buildings with heights of between 30 and 50 meters will be built on vacant sites between the General Post Office and the ferris wheel.

These buildings, which will be for office and retail use, will be connected with podiums and walkways. But overall, Chan added, the new Central waterfront will be providing people with a broad selection of choices when spending time in the area, and some features will be unique.


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