28 Building Plans Approved

28 Building Plans Approved

The Buildings Department approved 28 building plans in March – eight on Hong Kong Island, seven in Kowloon and 13 in the New Territories.

Eleven were for apartment and apartment-commercial developments, six for commercial developments, four for factory and industrial developments, and seven for community services developments.

Consent was given for work to start on 13 building projects that will provide 214,004 sq m of gross floor area for domestic use, involving 3,777 units, and 159,773 sq m of gross floor area for non-domestic use.

The department received notification of the start of work for 12 building projects.

It also issued 22 occupation permits – six on Hong Kong Island, six in Kowloon and 10 in the New Territories.

The buildings certified for occupation have 277,916 sq m of gross floor area for domestic use, involving 4,181 units, and 94,282 sq m for non-domestic use.

The declared cost of new buildings completed in March totalled $11.7 billion.

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